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It's been probably over half a decade since I've contributed to elowel... I figured no better time than now.

This week I learned a few things:

1. Things are not always as they seem. Don't be afraid to start the dialogue. If it seems tough to do that, guess what, it won't be any easier tomorrow than it would be today. Grow a pair and investigate.

2. You can't change people. This is a life lesson I learn over and over again, and it wasn't until recently that I really began to understand it. Knowing this AND believing this helps with healing. Everyone knows it - but do you believe it?

3. Friendships are relationships too. They aren't always easy, they take work, and a close connection doesn't just happen. Building strong relationships with the friends around you can be practice for a strong intimate relationship. As a bonus, if you lose that strong intimate relationship for some reason, you have plenty of other strong friendships to turn to and it helps it sting a little less.

4. If you don't like something in the world - change it. Don't just complain about it, bring a solution to the table. To quote someone from somewhere (?): be a part of the solution, not the problem. If you can't think of a good solution on your own, refer to #1.

5. Don't be stubborn - things hurt more that way. For everyone. Just accept it or get over it. This is something I have to work on actively, because I am a very stubborn person. But this week I learned that when I stopped fighting it and let it happen, I was a lot more content a lot sooner.

6. Don't just seize the day, seize the moment. Don't give regret the opportunity to take place. Life feels more fulfilling and hopeful this way.

I'm sure I've learned a lot more lessons this week, but tonight I'm going to leave you with the above.

Good night.
Hello, 06-28-11 17:41
Hello my name is nerdette. I'm new to elowel.